5 Delicious And Nutritious Food Products For Mom And Baby

Take care of you and your baby with these food products

There are various food products that are great for both new mothers and babies. Not only do they come loaded with nutrition that is very much required for the body, but taste delicious too. If you have been looking for a range of food products to add to your and your baby’s daily diet, then we have listed down a few options that you can enjoy without any worry. Take a look:


1. Barley Coffee By Earth Baby

For centuries Barley & Chicory have been used as healthy caffeine free coffee substitutes. Chicory helps to increase breast milk. It improves intestinal microflora, has anti-inflammatory and blood purifying action and has a calming effect. Also relieves constipation and promotes weight loss. Barley Malt Chicory Coffee is the perfect alternative to traditional coffee for new mothers due the amalgamation of these two.

2. Slurrp Farm Millet Dosa Mix: Supergrains + Beetroot

Beetroot pink dosas your little one and you will love. This one is packed with only good stuff – Ragi, Urad daal, Red rice, Oats and Suji with natural beetroot powder and a mix of mild spices – a scrumptious savoury snack for everyone!

3. Organic Ragi & Chocolate Health Drink Mix By Early Foods

Recommended for little ones who are allowed to consume sugar. Organic Ragi, Raw Cacao, Amaranth and Sugar together makes a really healthy & filling drink for kids. Just mix in hot or cold milk, mix well to remove lumps and enjoy this super yummy drink. Ragi is 10x richer in calcium than wheat or rice and develops super strong bones. Raw cacao powder is the purest form of chocolate. It contains a variety of phyto-nutrients and is a magnesium rich food.

4. Instant Rice And Moong Khichdi By Early Foods

Recommended for for little ones just starting solids. Instant Rice & Moong Khichdi mix is one of the best first foods for your little one. No cooking needed! The mixture is pre-roasted, so you just need to add hot milk or water and a little ghee (optional). Just mix well and feed. It becomes a great meal when you are travelling with your baby, or need to pack food for day care etc. Freshly made porridge mix once your order online. We focus on freshness since children need to consume fresh foods for maximum nutrient absorption. Hand pounded white rice has more fibre, minerals naturally retained compared to polished white rice. Moong or Green Gram is a protein & dietary rich food for your little one

5. Yoghurt Berry + Anti-Oxidants Snack Bar By Mojo Bar

As Indians we believe that ‘dahi’ is the solution to most things. We have grown up with yoghurt and developed a special relationship with it. It’s our go-to comfort food and of course very healthy. Combining yoghurt with cranberries and cereal and mixing in almonds and watermelon seeds for some added crunch, we have perfected the balance between the sweet and the sour. Carry these packs while travelling to for an on-the-go snack.

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